Saying goodbye.

I miss posting because unless I write about what's happening in my life and have photos, I don't remember it. I really do have the worst memory.

At the same time, I am living my life. No longer an outsider just documenting everything. So that's what the goal was, these first couple years of marriage. Trying to be present. Pulling myself out of the relative singledom that comes with a long term, long distance relationship. I don't really talk about that here but it wasn't so easy. Routines are established now though, and that helps. We took a lot of mini vacations- treating ourselves to weekends away. Experiencing California.

But I am sad about not having any blog posts that help me remember.

So I'm coming back but this time it will be in a whole new space:

If there's anyone left out there subscribed (who knows, with Google Reader being dead and all) but please update your readers!

Thanks. :)

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