With things like instagram, personal and professional obligations, it gets harder and harder to blog regularly. Sometimes it's just easier to take a snapshot during the day and capture little moments that way. But I miss it!

muir woods

I turned 30 this week. My best girls flew in from the opposite coast, there was an impromptu party, everyone wore cat or bunny ears. (There is something awesome to be said about your friends when they come in, see said ears and put them on without question.)

birthday flowers

I am really excited about this next decade. As trendy as it is, yoga has entered my life and it feels amazing. I'm learning how to be kind to myself, physically and emotionally. It's been a gradual process but it's very, very good.


Allie said...

Happy birthday Laura!

Laura said...

thanks, allie! :)

Cheap power bank said...

The flower is beautiful.